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Snorkeling With Manatees 6 HOURS $899.00 per 1-6 passengers


⚓Swim With Manatees "Private"


Private 6 hour Tour 9AM


Enjoy this unique tour that only ones allows us to have in Citrus County Florida.


Snorkeling With Manatees in the springs of Homosassa River! 

Citrus County is home to the world’s largest population of the protected manatee during the winter season, and the  Homosassa River offers an awesome opportunity for interacting with the manatees in their home. 


Having the chance to encounter these curious, gentle giants in their natural habitat is an experience that your family will never forget! and most likely be back again and again!

Set Sail on your journey with a Coast Guard Certified Master Captain.

















Have a Dockside Lunch with your Captain, on us. Boarding time 9:00 AM

This 6 hour private tour is designed for the water lovers. You will get to spend your day with our crew and the captain a while enjoying the "Sun Drops of Florida". Start your day with a manatee overload. Join our crew for a cruise on the Homosassa River you will not forget. We will board at the coolest resort in our county "The Florida Cracker Riverside Resort"  Have Dockside Lunch on us. 

This tour is 6 hours from start to finish and everything you will need is included for one price. You will meet your crew at the wonderful "Florida Cracker Riverside Resort, where we suit you up in wet suits and meet your crew. Our crew can pick you up from your room side dock if staying at this resort.


When setting sail to the springs we explain the rules of an in -water experience (Passive observation),and receive tips on how to "snorkel" or "float"  tour to make the most of your day. This river boast an array of…..Monkeys, birds, fish and maybe a Dolphin or 2!

Let yourself indulge in the manatee’s world! Our crew can help you  other local restaurants, other points of interest  and answer all of your questions before you are on your way.

We promise that after you meet the manatees and our crew you will never be the same! You will never forget your adventures here in Homosassa Florida


What's Included:

  • Captain and Guide

  • Wetsuits Mask and Snorkels

  • Ages 2 and up

  • Lunch or Breakfast "Dockside with your Captain

  • 6 Hour Tour

  • Small Group 6 Max


Realistic Expectations of Manatees

Even though this may seem like a "Sea World "event, IT IS NOT!!! Manatees are free roaming and do what they want when they want. By having the smaller groups it allows our crew and your family to have a higher success rate with an IN-WATER Experience with our beloved manatees. See for your self and book your cruise! Click HERE for more information


This is a 6 hour private tour, set back and soak up the "Sun Drops Of Florida"!



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